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    Alcohol Ester 12 ( C-12)
    Product Name:Alcohol Ester 12 ( C-12)
    Chemical Name:Chemical name:2, 2, 4-trimethyl -1, 3-pentanediol monoisobutyrate
    Chemical Formula:C12H24O3
    Molecular Weight:216.3
    CAS Number:25265-77-4
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    Product Description
    Property And Application

    1. C-12 is an ideal water-based coalescent agent, and has good compatibility to emulsion polymers and reduce the MFT/Tg. Mean while, C-12 has proper evaporation speed, and can be easily absorbed in the surface of polymer without affecting the stability of emulsion particles.

    2.C-12 is appropriate for various kinds of water-based coating systems such as emulsions, adhesives synthesized from methacrylate, cinnamene and vinyl acetate.

    3. C-12 can be used directly. After appropriate churning, add C-12 into the water-based coating systems. (Directions: Add  50% at the grinding stage and the paint mixing phase separately)

    4. It is recommended that C-12 dosage is equivalent to 5-10% of the emulsion content and not exceed 12%.

    Quality standard


    First-grade Product

    Regular Product



    Specific Gravity20℃


    Freezing Point


    Refractive Index 



    Colorless Transparent Liquid

    Color (Pt-Co) code No ≤



             Content % ≥



    Acid value mgKOH/g ≤



    Water Content % ≤



    Hazard Description

    General chemicals, could cause irritation to the eyes, respiratory system and skin.  

    Emergency Treatment

    General recommendations: take off contaminated clothes immediately.

    In case of inhaling: keep the patient calm, and move him to a place with fresh air, medical treatment is needed as soon as possible.

    Splashed on the skin: wash thoroughly with plenty of water immediately.

    Splashed into the eye: flip the eyelid, wash the eye with flow water for over 15 minutes, please turn to an ophthalmologist as soon as possible.

    Ingestion: wash the mouth immediately, and then drink plenty of water, turn to the doctor for medical care.

    Packaging And Safety

    Packing Method: 50KG/Plastic Drum, 200KG/Iron Drum, 950KG/Drum

    transport: Exposure to solarization, rain, high temperature should be avoided. Keep far away from fire source and high temperature zone during stopover. Do not remain in populated areas or densely populated places while driving on routes according to the provisions of road transport. Humping is strictly prohibited in rail transport.

    Safety: This product is not listed in hazardous chemicals. It can be stored and transported as non-hazardous materials.

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