• Talent Strategy

    For talents selection , we insist on morality as the primary factor.Honesty makes people stick to their instincts.Responsibility makes employee fulfill his duty. 

    Talent is the soul of an enterprise.Sino regards talents as the greatest wealth. We always take the talents as the basic of enterprise development. 

    Sino provides and tries to build an ideal platform for employees to develop their talents.

    We pay attention to the introduction and retraining of talents, and have all-round technical and business training to enhance employees' operational ability.

    Compensation Benefit

    Sino provide a  competitive compensation among  C-12 manufacturing industry by standardized compensation system.

    We mainly determines employees' compensation based on their employees' value, ability and contribution.

    Sino pays social insurance for every employee according to government regulations.


    Talent Demand

    There are 3-5 people in the market

    Job requirements:

     1.Full-time college degree or above

    2.More than 3 years working experience in chemical industry.

    3. Good sense of team and market development.


    Management personnel: 2-3 people

    Job requirements:

    1. More than 3 years working experience in chemical industry;

    2.Strong ability of management, communication and coordination;

    3.Excellent work ethic, responsibility and team spirit.

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